SJC Manufacturing



       San Juan Compression's manufacturing process strives for perfection with every single unit we manufacture. Our goal is to provide a superior, reliable compressor unit that will translate into higher profits for your organization.


Intuitive Processes

       Throughout the years we have developed our own style of lean manufacturing. This unique process not only enables us to produce industry-leading units, but provides us and our customers with peace of mind through a strict tracking process from procurement through delivery. In short, our processes ensure that every part that goes onto our unit is dually accounted for and is the best, highest quality product available.

       In order to employ even more diligent “Quality” checks, we have thoughtfully positioned our engineering and procurement departments in the same building as the manufacturing department. This ensures that every step of the manufacturing process meets our high expectations with every unit.

       In short, every unit that passes through our door goes through rigorous testing throughout each step of manufacturing. When a unit leaves our yard, we know that we are delivering the best product possible.


Industry Standards

       Safety is always our first and foremost priority, and all of our units conform to the latest edition of ASME/ANSI and API specifications. This is a San Juan Compression standard that you can rely heavily on.


Compressor Diversity

       We manufacture a large variety of compressors here at San Juan Compression including Vapor Recovery compressors, natural gas compressors, Reciprocating compressors, and Wellhead compressors. We will do our best to make sure that we have a compressor to fit your needs by making sure that we have as many different types of compressors as possible.


Unique Guarantee

       Although seemingly simple, these diligent and effective manufacturing steps and checks have placed San Juan Compression in a league of its own. It is due to these processes that we lead the industry in committing our 98% runtime guarantee to every unit we manufacture! This unique guarantee is something we take great pride in, and our customers find great relief in.