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Maintenance & Services

       In order to keep our 98% runtime guarantee, San Juan Compression has procured many unique logistical philosophies which set us apart from many other compressor providers. There are two distinctively different aspects of our units; Manufacturing and Maintenance.


We employ all of the following maintenance and services.


Call Outs

       We stand by our 98% up-time guarantee. However when any of our compressors do experience that possible 2% downtime, they are always given extremely high priority. Because we have 80% - 90% interchangeable parts, we anticipate being on location within two hours after receiving a call of a downed compressor. This enables us to solve 90% of problems without a crane. This applies
both to gas and electric drives.


Other services Include:



30 days
45 days


 Drive By's

3 times/45 days


Supplemental Services

Maintenance Training

Operational Training

3rd Party Oil & Gas Analysis (Oil & Gas Units)

Emissions Testing

Oxygen Monitoring

Welded (Coded & Structural)



SJC Warehouse


       We also always offer retail sales to the San Juan Basin, Permian Basin NM, and Permian Basin Texas. Need more information, or have more questions? Please, feel free to Contact Us today. We always have your best interest in mind.